Samsung Highlight

Samsung HighlightSamsung has been known to launch high quality and innovative smart phones in the recent times. The Samsung Highlight is one such example and was developed as an advanced alternative to the Samsung Behold. Although it does not have the design and camera quality as the latter, Samsung Highlight is a sure shot success among the younger generation. Samsung has collaborated with T- Mobile in manufacturing this phone. The slim icy blue cover is what makes it unique from the rest of the smart phones in the same range.

The Samsung Highlight makes use of the Touch Wiz interface and provides a satisfying performance. It is round and sleek in nature making it handy equipment. It is available in two different color variants; fire red and icy blue. Its 3 inch display might be a drawback, but the brilliant resolution makes up for this disadvantage. The brightness, color, sharpness and vibrant graphics are simply mesmerizing. The Touch Wiz interface is easy to use but does not allow for the creation of personalized widgets which is a standard feature in most of the smart phone’s manufactured by Samsung.

Like every other touch phone, there exists a virtual and an alpha numeric keyboard. Most people prefer using the former as it is more comfortable and the keys are more spaced out. The predictive text feature can be activated or deactivated as required. The accelerometer is quick in its response and does not lag as compared to most of the other touch phones.

The Samsung Highlight allows a massive storage of 2000 phone book entries and each entry can have up to four phone numbers. However it is advisable not to completely use up all the space as it can lead to the slowing down of the device. A set of callers can be saved to a group to allow for group calls.

The beauty of this phone is that it supports the T- Mobile 3G network which is fast and effective. The network
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availability is strong and all downloads take place at a quick pace. The GPS support system is very effective and it gives accurate data on the location of the place.

The sound quality of the Samsung Highlight is very effective and the sings and videos can be played on loud speaker mode amongst a group of friends. The intensity of the playback is much higher as compared to the other models in the same price range. Voice commands are also supported for calling purposes as well as performing various tasks.

The 3.2 mega pixel camera is a great feature for the phone and it adds to the beauty of the device. The presence of these high tech features in a moderately ranged phone is what makes it so popular among the other competitors. Youngsters prefer buying phones as long as they have an attractive outer body and an interesting and interactive interface.

Samsung has constantly been producing brilliant smart phones and are always improving their quality year after year. They are known to take the basic features from the earlier models and try to implement new features into the latest ones.